Our Philosophy
Our mission is to be there – for you. Offering premier financial planning, we provide our clients with uncompromising integrity, trust and complete personalized service. Darin has many years of experience in helping investors with financial solutions.  Your financial future is our number one goal.  We will work hard for you so that you can pursue the type of life you desire. Enjoy your retirement call, Darin Bohl, your Certified Financial Planner ™ Professional, today!
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What you can expect from Darin Bohl, CFP®

and LPL Financial?

Darin will work closely with you to understand your specific financial goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and investment preferences. Based on that understanding, we can help you:

  • Develop an integrated, personalized investment program based on your financial goals.

  • Provide investment strategies that match your objectives and suggest an asset mix for your portfolio.

  • Diversify your assets to your risk level.

  • Help you manage the impact of taxes and inflation on your investments.

  • Monitor the performance of all your investments.

  • Rebalance your investments periodically to maintain your desired asset allocation.

  • Provide regular, detailed reporting on your portfolio’s activity and performance.

  • Meet with you to review the status of your plan and any major changes in your personal financial situation.

  • Be available to answer questions and provide information on market events and opportunities. 


If you needed medical attention would you attempt your own diagnosis or would you seek the opinion and services of a trained medical professional? Similarly, your financial health may be better served by seeking professional advice on issues concerning your and your families financial future.

Path to Financail Freedom

Are you on the path to financial independence?